Why Apple Made a Mistake by Rejecting Android Magazine App

HTC Running iOS

I'm an Apple fanboy; that's no secret. My iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro are my links to various communication portals, services, family, friends, work, etc. Basically, they connect me to the various tentacles in my world.

Some of those tentacles, believe it or not, reach to products and services that aren't Apple.

Yes, read that one more time.

In fact, I'm a big fan of the Android platform. I like it's openness. I like the variety of apps. I like how Google positioned themselves to compete in the mobile market because of the flexibility of Android.

So the news that Apple denied a magazine app that would feature Android news sort of pissed me off. I hate that Apple is so closed minded at times -- look at the Google Voice app debacle that's now been ratified.

Now, I understand if this Android app thing violated some rules that Apple has in place for developers, but I highly doubt it. It's a news app. Yes, it's about a competitor's product, but the consumer would be reading it on YOUR DEVICES (iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc).

I just don't get it and I think that because Apple has a great wall of China in place for the applications, they are missing out on expanding their marketshare. Google knew that they couldn't compete in the hardware space, but with Android being open to a variety of devices, the company is seeing more and more adoption.

Now, imagine if Apple had the same mindset.

Intriguing, isn't it?