Why Jeter Should Remain a Yankee


Lots of talk about Jeter and his free agency, including some yapping about him coming to the Red Sox.

As a die hard Sox fan, I say publicly that I don't want him in our uniform. I'd rather see him in pinstripes.

You're probably saying, "Are you crazy? Why not have a player of that caliber on your team, especially in a slot where you need it the most -- shortstop."

Well, here's why:

  • It's an honorable thing when a player stays with one team throughout his career.
  • Sometimes, it's not a business, regardless of what players say.
  • There's a couple thing in life called dedication and a legacy, neither important to pro athletes these days apparently.
  • Ever hear of Benedict Arnold, Johnny Damon or Roger Clemens? Yea, traitors.
  • Lastly, what's Spiderman without the Green Goblin or Batman without the Joker?

Jeter must stay in New York.