Freebies are Good

Ok, so you've heard me talk about this product a bunch of times. Yes, it's the digital photo frame that's social. Yes, social (Ceiva Digital Photo Frames).

I did a give-a-way before and it was pretty successful. This time around, there are two opps to get your hands on one of these bad boys. 

The first is to like my photography page on Facebook and then head over to flickr and join my friend's group that's holiday themed.

The second way you can get your hands on this is at an event I'm shooting (the annual holiday pageant for my youngest's pre-school -- yes, I know that this is local, but that's why I'm giving the other one away via my FB page). 

At the event, I'll be the big guy in the Santa hat and carrying the big cameras. Just put your name on the clip board that will be in the back of the room, near the punch (can't miss the sign). Please be sure to include your name and email address. Also, be sure to like my photography page on Facebook, as I mention above.

Thanks and good luck!