Introducing The Home Chef Blog


I've been blogging for quite some time. I go back to the Blog City days and if you remember what Blog City was, then you've been in the game just as long as I've been.

Despite blogging being a popular way to connect with your audience, some folks aren't into it. They feel they can't write; don't know how to do it; don't know how to set up the right marketing channels, etc. Basically, it's not something they're interested in despite the fact that they are content expert in some way shape or form.

Take my wonderful wife for example.

The misses can cook her butt off and she always has the house decorated for a holiday or season. She's the type that will take decorations down the day after a holiday and then decorate for the next holiday or season. For example, the Turkey's come down on November 25th and are swapped out with Snowmen, i.e. Christmas decorations.

Her homemaking abilities are emulated by her friends and she's been constantly bugged to start her own blog.

Well, because she has a husband that does this stuff for a living, she's now doing it.

Introducing The Home Chef Blog, a place where you can get cooking and decorating tips that make a happy home.

I encourage you to check out the blog, subscribe to the RSS feed, follow along on Twitter and "like" the site on Facebook.

Feedback is welcomed. Thanks!