Globe Blogger Defends Tom Brady and His UGG's Deal

The Gisellification of Tom Brady saga continues...


I wrote this piece yesterday and for the most part, most agreed with me but honestly don't care about Tom Brady's HQ status and endorsement deals. Pats fans just want him to win. Non-Pats fans -- mostly guys -- think that TB12 is soft.

With a little timeliness and with the help of Twitter, my post got picked up by Joanna Weiss, reporter for the Boston Globe. Weiss promptly defended Brady and his UGG's deal:

The gripe is that our Tom, once a reliably All-American male, has been giving in too heavily to his feminine side, beginning with the time he snuggled a baby goat in a GQ photo spread, and extending down a slippery, rose-scented slope to his Justin Bieber tresses. Justin Bieber is not a manly teenager.

Gisele Bundchen routinely gets blamed for turning Tom all delicate, but in fact, he was a fashion hound before they started dating. They had just begun their relationship when he posed in a wet t-shirt in VMAN magazine, as somebody poured water on his head. At the time, a VMAN editor told me that the model behavior was “all Tom.” More to the point, Uggs are hardly the ultimate symbol of femininity. The ubiquitous sheepskin boots are hardly feminine at all; they’re thick, shapeless, comfortable, and totally utilitarian. They’re the winter equivalent of Crocs

Of course, this is all in good fun and what really matters to me and other Pats fans is that TB12 keeps throwing touchdowns. So whether he's doing it in a helmet and shoulder pads or a pink skirt and pumps, it doesn't matter.