City of Revere, Update

My plight against the City of Revere is well documented, sort of. It was nice to hear from my state representative's office and the media that covers the city -- both of which were very responsive and understanding of the issues I've been complaining about. 

To date, I've heard nothing directly from the city. I image that's probably because no one in City Hall reads my blog. That's fine, for now.

Regardless, the eye sores are gone -- the orange construction barrel and the Christmas tree. That's fantastic and I thank whomever is responsible for their removal. I know it's a small gripe, but it was important to me.

However, the crime issue is still one that's important to me and my family. Our security senses are on high alert (not that we're huddled in the house, armed to the teeth). 

It would just be really nice to see the city address safety in the community -- more than just patrols and statements in the media. At this point, I just want an open line of communication with the city. Having the ear of my state rep and the media is great, but I want the system to work the way it should. I'd rather not go above heads and rain down paperwork from the top on down. I trust the system to work the way it was designed to work. 

Until then, I wait and keep reading the local paper's police log, frustrated over what I digest.

And oh, by the way, city officials have hinted at charging residents for trash removal. If that happens, you'll see quite a few more rants on this blog.

Trust me on this.