Client Incentives and Your Help

Everyone needs a little motivationBeing that I'm off this week from my real job, I've been thinking about a number of non-work related things, one of them being my photography business

You see, I don't push it too much. I typically get a handful of jobs throughout the year that suck up some weekend time, but that's ok. The money is good and the people I meet and connect with are great. 

However, my referral-well has dried up as of late and I've thinking of ways to re-engage with existing clients as well as ones that are on the verge of being clients. 

One of the things I've been thinking of doing is offering incentives. For example, if someone hires me for a family portrait session and refers me to another family who also hires me, I'm thinking about throwing the initial family a $25 iTunes gift card or maybe gift certificate to a restaurant. For more referrals or bigger referrals (job wise), the bigger the incentive.

Referrals are an easy thing to do and the reward can be pretty rewarding, considering all it takes is an email to a friend who just got engaged, a mention of Don Martelli Photography on Facebook, handing someone my business card, etc. 

Sometimes people need to be nudged to help you and this is me, nudging. 

What do you think about referrals and what incentives would motivate you enough to help drive someone else's business?

I'll entertain any and all suggestions.