Game Changers: iPhone and iPad Video Chat

Video icons rumored to be included in the development "stuff" for codersMashable is reporting a pretty good rumor that the iPhone 4G and the iPad (second generation) will both have front facing cameras.

To me, these are game changing features and prove yet again, why mobile devices will grab more and more market share over traditional computing devices. 

This also tells me to wait to upgrade my iPhone 3G to the 3Gs and hold off on getting my wife's new phone until the 4G comes out. And yea, maybe I'll get that iPad...once the second version comes out with the front facing camera.

Via Mashable:

Further evidence has emerged that Apple’s iPad and iPhone may support video chat in future versions.

Icons in the iPhone 3.2 Software Development Kit are labeled “Accept Video” and “Decline or End Video”, reports 9to5Mac.

With mobile video conferencing, the global workforce can really start to embrace the use of Google Chat, Skype and other technologies to conduct virtual meetings from any where at any time. 

As a fairly infrequent business traveler, I'd be excited over this technology so when IMed home, I could see my kids before they went to bed. That ability alone would be worth the time standing in line for one of these devices.