Repeat Performance for USA Hockey?

Do you believe in two miracles?Article originally posted on

Today the USA will face off against Canada for the gold medal for hockey in the 2010 Olympic games. There hasn't been a hockey game of this magnitude since 1980, better known as the "Miracle on Ice."

When Team USA beat the ever-mysterious Russian team — who up to that point, set the gold standard of hockey around the world — patriotic pandemonium ensued at Lake Placid, NY.

The win gave the USA a sense of pride and accomplishment that the country needed at that time. The hockey game took place during a time when there was a global stand-off between Russian and the US that dominated the news; an economy that was puttering along with no end of recovery in sight; and, a country filled of citizens desperate for something positive to embrace.

When Al Michaels made the call, "Do you believe in miracles?", there were chants of "USA USA" that broke out from the cold regions of Maine to the sunny coast of California.

Maybe today there will be a part two.