Open Letter to the City of Revere

Dear City,

I have lived here for seven years. For the most part, it has been uneventful, which is how I like it. My neighborhood is nice and I enjoy the people that live around me for the most part. It is a neighborhood filled mostly of resident that have lived there for years. And there's comfort in this, believe me.

In recent years, there has been a rash of criminal incidents in the general vicinity. Now, I realize that you can't keep all crime out and that it's the general nature of society. But I just don't see anything being done by the city, other than answering 911 calls.

I'm ranting on this because last week, someone tried to break in next door. My neighbors tell me they aren't getting any information from the authorities and to them, it seems like it's pretty much been swept under the rug. While it was just an attempted robbery, it is still, an attempted robbery -- if you catch my drift.

Now, I read the Revere Journal pretty much religiously because it's probably the best way to learn about all the things happening in my city -- good or bad. I see all the activity in the police log. I read the arrest reports. I read the stories about squabbles between city officials. I read about the corruption. Putting politics aside, my questions are: 

  • What are you doing to keep our streets safe?
  • What are you doing to listen to concerned citizens like me?
  • What do taxpayers need to do to feel safe in their own home?

I'd go on an rant some more and answer the questions above, but it would be counter productive.

This leads me to a second issue I have.

What are you doing about wrongly disposed trash? This happens all too often in my neighborhood -- TV's, mattresses, old furniture, etc., all ends up under the Route 1 bridge or worse, on someone's sidewalk.

Case in point, there was a Christmas tree dumped on my street and it was left there for someone (me) to pull off the road and put in the trash. I know that it'll sit there, on my sidewalk, looking like an eye sore. I know that when the trash guys come on Friday, that they might leave it there. I also know that the city might ticket me for having unapproved items in my trash -- an item that doesn't belong to me whatsoever.

Now, I know that I don't live in a ritzy area. It's urban. I know this and happen to like it for the most part. So, however, I can spruce up my home, landscape and neighborhood, I'm going to do it. I live here. With that said, please tell me what the hell an orange construction barrel is doing sitting in the middle of of the road in front of my house, when there is ZERO work being done by the city on or remotely near my street.  It's been there for weeks now. What the heck is doing there and why hasn't someone moved it yet? 

Don't believe me about the stuff above? Watch this:

Now, I'm a tax payer and at times like these I find that my taxes are NOT working for me are a waste of my hard earned, single income family, finances.

What are you going to do about the crime? How about that Christmas tree? Any chance on moving that barrel at least? 

An answer would be appreciated.