City of Revere, Day 2

I ranted yesterday on my issues with the City of Revere. I heard from two invested parties, neither I'll share at the moment, but two parties that can help me get the voice of the community heard.

Apparently, the good folks at City Hall just are paying attention to the interwebs these days because my rant has made some travels far and wide. 

So again, Mr. Mayor et al, what are you doing to address crime in the City of Revere? Don't feed me a line about how the police department has been the brunt of a of scrutiny as of late and is regrouping.

I don't want to hear that. 

I want action. I want involvement. I want the community's voice heard today, not tomorrow there could be yet another break-in, robbery, car theft or drug-related crime filling the Revere Journal's police log.

Sorry, this isn't something that's put on the back burner. This is an immediate need that just about everyone I've talked to in the community is concerned with and frustrated over.

It's your move.