Revere Crime: Proof in the Pudding

This is my third post on this subject and I apologize for my followers that don't care, but this is important to me. 

I posted yesterday and today about the issues I'm having with the City of Revere.

Today, on the heels of my rants, my wife calls my wife calls and was freaking out about helicopters buzzing around the neighborhood. I knew she was telling the truth as I could hear them in the background. I immediately emailed my contact at the Revere Journal who wrote back:

State Police and Revere Police are involved in a manhunt for a 16-year-old black male out of Dorchester. He has been on the run for four days. He allegedly stabbed a woman on Raymond Road in Revere last weekend, and then stabbed another woman yesterday in Boston. He was holed up in a house on Fenno Street. After being spotted, he fled into the woods on the ridge. He's still at large right now. Name is Darius Young. Lots of POs over there.

After this, I pinged Universal Hub via Twitter who pointed me to their post:

Massachusetts State Police report capturing Darius Young, 16, wanted for stabbing three women and a girl on 21 Roseclair St. in Dorchester on Feb. 3 and stabbing a woman and attack a girl in Revere on Feb. 7.

According to a State Police statement, Young was captured on Ridge Road in Revere after a brief foot chase - following a manhunt that involved police dogs, state and local police and the state-police helicopter, across "numerous streets, backyards and wooded areas in the vicinity of west Revere, near Routes 1 and Route 16."

In addition to charges of attempted murder and assault and battery for the two cases, Young also faces "numerous other warrrants," State Police say.

So, again, City of Revere, what are you doing to address criminal activity in our city? 

Hello? Are you there? Are you paying attention? Care to share any concern with the law abiding, tax paying citizens that live in your city?

I'm waiting. Still.

Update 2.10.10: Construction barrel is gone.