Unfriending is 2010's Version of the Diss

Diss-like Facebook Friends?With 400+ million people on Facebook, it's just a matter of time that segments of your life will intersect. Your friends will interact with your co-workers; your clients will interact with your high school buddies; and, the people you barely talked to in college are all of a sudden BFF's with your family.

So, as 400+ million people will attest to, Facebook is now a potluck of friendships.

I have nearly 600 "friends" on Facebook, and to be honest, I interact frequently with about 10% of that group. I'm sure it's the same for you as well.

With the volume of people we are friending vs. the amount we actually interact with, issues that happen in real relationships can bubble over into online relationships, and ultimately, exposing some ugliness of people you know, you work with, are associated with, etc.

This brings up the over debated issue of what are the rules of friending and not friending certain people in your life. In my case, I friend just about everyone because the stronger social connections (demographics, geographies, personalities, likes, dislikes, etc.) the better it is for me professioanlly and honestly for my client activation programs.

However, for a majority of Facebook users who don't "do" social media for a living, there's a fine line of who they let into the circle of trust or in some cases, don't.

This leads me to my point: what do you do when personal frictions bubble over in relationships that you have both offline and online?

Depending on the severity of the buddling, there are tactics like untagging or removing photos, blocking that person from your stream, removing content that was meant for that person, etc.

The ultimate tactic is to simply remove that person from your online circle. In some cases, unfriending needs to be done, regardless of the ripple effects it'll cause in your circle of trust.

That's why I call unfriending 2010's version of the diss.

Just as KRS-One said in "My Philosophy"...."right up to your face and diss you."

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