Beer Review: Founders Breakfast Stout

It's not breakfast, but I'm drinking a Founder's Breakfast StoutConsidering that I find a lot of insipiration from my fellow social media geeks, I thought I'd honor Belching Monkey (@scheindermike) with a review of beers that I drink -- mostly those odd ball types of beers that most consumers will walk by as they head to pick up a 30-rack of Bud.

This time around, I'm reviewing Founder's Breakfast Stout.

Color: the color of this bad boy is dark as dark can be. It's even darker than Guinness in my opinion. It poured heavy and sits in the glass just as heavy.

Smell: Right off the bat there is a strong coffee smell -- not the burnt coffee smell you might get with a Guinness, but something more along the lines of an expresso. The description on the bottle says that this beer is a double chocolate coffee oatmeal stout. From the smell, I get the coffee and some hints of caramel as well. The chocolate smell is there when I swish it around a little.

Taste: Immediately you're hit with coffee. However, as if you were hit with a left hook, a taste of chocolate nails you in the jaw. As the beer slides down your throat, the coffee flavor comes back as well as a hint of a spice, which might be from the "oatmeal."

Playing off the Belching Monkey scale, I'd give this beer a A-.