Things That Make You Feel Old

I was on my way home from driving my daughter to school this morning and slapped on the radio.

Immediately, Steve Perry was yelling at me, "Don't Stop Believin'" -- the classic rock song that, unless you're a robot, has to get you amped up.

So, as I sang along like a fool, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the beats. As the song came to an end, I felt pretty amped up after the song was over until the call ad came on for the radio station. You know, the little advertisement that the station uses to promote the brand. In this case, the promo was for Oldies 103.

OLDIES? WHAT? HUH? Journey? Oldies?

Man, I felt old. This lead me to think about what other things make me feel old, so here they are:

  • Watching my daughters open up a web browser, navigate to the bookmarks and visit a Disney or a Nick Jr. website. They are six and three.
  • My youngest just about out of diapers -- sorta.
  • When it takes me two days to recover from a night of drinking with the boys, sometimes three.
  • When I get out of bed and just about in everything in my body snaps, cracks, shifts, etc.
  • Seeing how my kids can just as easily pick up my iPhone, fire up and app and find the game they want to play as easily as they grab paper and crayons to color
  • Tuning into a current radio station only to hear of artists that I don't know and music that sounds like it should be banned in all countries.
  • When using coupon no longer is a "weird" thing to do.
  • Knowing that at some point in time, wearing skinny jeans wasn't a fad, it was the norm.
  • When gaming was just gaming and not this massive onslaught of advertising in games, constant promotion, games that are more like motion pictures than they are video game entertainment
  • Having advil as a major part of your diet

I could go on and on, but I'd rather hear from you. What makes YOU feel old?