iCade Makes the iPad Real

ThinkGeek's iCadeOut of all the of the April fool's jokes online today, the one that seemed to catch the eye of the blogosphere was the iCade Arcade Cabinet, a retro dock with old-style arcade joysticks and Mashable buttons.

From the first letter in the name, you know that it's based on something Apple, and specifically the iPad.

Despite the tomfoolery, the concept is actually a pretty interesting one. I could see lining up quarters old school style and saying, "I got next."

The originator of the kid-you concept is ThinkGeek, the same folks that brought consumers the Tauntaun sleeping bag, the Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt and the 8-Bit Tie. The latter three concepts are ones that consumers loved so much that they demand the company actually develop.

With all the iPad hype and the fact that it is being positioned as a gamers-type device, I don't see why the ThinkGeek folks wouldn't start the manufacturing process immediately.