My Apple Purchase Cycle

I'm all caught up in the iPad mess. Like Pookie, it be callin' me and callin' me. The hype got me thinking about my entre in the world of Apple and expansion plans.

My first Apple purchase as the second generation iPod, which was roughly in 2005, just a short five years ago. That purchase did me well up until the first generaion iPod Touch was released. I got that within the first week of it's launch.

The iPod touch purchase held me at bay for quite some time. I even avoided getting the first generation iPhone mostly because I was on Verizonwireless at the time.

As time went on and more apps were rolled out, the iPod Touch wasn't cutting it for me. I wanted more. So, what did I do? I went out and got a 15" Macbook Pro. Yea, I just jumped over the iPhone and went right into the belly of the beast.

Since the moment I booted up the MBP, I was hooked on the Mac feel of things. That propelled me to get the iPhone 3G (and one for my wife), a 13" MBP (mostly because I wanted something small and portable and because my wife basically took over the 15" machine).

So now, I'm pretty set with gear. However, the iPad comes out and I'm back in buy mode. That got me thinking about the progression of my next round of purchases:

iPad > iMac > Apple TV

This will basically make my entire house, and conversely the content we create and consume, Apple certified.

I know, I have issues. To test out how serious my issues were, I took this quiz and the results were:


Guess after I make the above purchases, that percentage will be higher.