Wicked Summer Casting Call for Morons

Wicked Summer the next Jersey ShoreApparently the same parasites that created Jersey Shore are now looking to replicate the reality TV show in Boston and are calling it "Wicked Summer."

First problem I have is that if you're going to make the show authentic, call it "Wikked Summah." Sorry, but we don't pronounce our R's here.

The other issues I have with the basis of this show is that it's going to make Massachusetts resident look just as stupid as the idiots that were in Jersey Shore.

The casting company is going to look for those with the worst Boston accents that are:

  • "Fhackin' Dooods, i.e. the meat heads that can't use three words in a row without throwing the f-bomb
  • Chieftans, i.e. those guys that call everyone chief or buddy
  • Yea Brotha's, i.e. similar to the fhackin' doods, these guys are the, yea doods, where yea dood is their response to everything
  • Hockey lovin' broads, i.e. those women who love the Bruins, have such a bad accent that you think they are from Mars and have an attitude that's tougher than trying to eat a hockey puck...and oh yea, they love wearing flannnel shirts and construction boots
  • Gum snappin' chicks from soggie ass, i.e. the classic chick from the Nowath Showah (North Shore) that smack her gum, plays with her hair and hairs finger nails longer than Kate Gosselin's hair extensions
  • The wife beater-wearing tough guy, i.e. the 5'3", blow out hair, type that thinks that he's from Brooklyn, but was really a Jewish kid that grew up in Newton

I could go on and one with the casting list, but you get the picture. Long story short, Massachusetts is filled with interesting people from all walks of life. Some of them are suitable to be, just that, characters. I'm sure Wicked Summer will be absolutely stupid and the worst show eva do those personalities injustice justice.

Think you have what it takes? Check out the casting call information.