Ode to @DunkinDonuts Turbo Iced Coffee

Oh @DunkinDonuts Turbo Iced Coffee, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

  1. It's like an shot of adrenaline that immediately perks me up
  2. The flavors that hit your palate are like being showered with riches
  3. There's really no substitute. Really, there isn't.
  4. Just when you think you've had enough, you probably could go for another blast
  5. Did I mention there's really nothing like it?
  6. It doesn't taste burnt like some other iced coffee available in the greater New England area (or other parts of the country for that matter...yea, you Seattle).
  7. You can order it and not feel like a buffoon because you don't know the difference between a venti and a whateveryouwanttocallit-ii. Hello simplicity.
  8. It's not too high powered that five minutes after I'm done drinking it, I don't smack my head on the keyboard from a 3pm crash at my desk -- waking up with the letters ASDF, sprawled backwards across my forehead.
  9. I can honestly tell the people behind the counter how I want it and not have to shuttle off to a sugar/cream station to make it myself NOR do I get attitude when I have a "light with three sugars" request. It's not BK, but I CAN have it my way.
  10. Finally, I find that I can get out of DnD with a medium turbo iced and a muffin just just over three bucks. Maybe I'm dedicated to the brand, but I don't see me walking out of those other burnt smelling shops until I'm a fin in (that's five bucks to you younger people).

There you have it, my Ode to @DunkinDonuts Turbo Iced Coffee.

Who's with me and why?