Facebook and Google Lead Social Logins

Google and Facebook are favs of interwebbers to login sociallyEver since Google and Facebook launched services that would allow users to log into other sites with their respective credentials, life has become slightly easier in terms of remember a zillion passwords.

And, in a recent study by OpenID company JanRain, results show that users undoubtedly prefer to use their Google and Facebook logins on websites that offer third party sign-in options.

According to the study, Facebook has significantly out-paced competitors in areas such as media, retail and technology. However, JanRain’s entire client base is roughly 170,000 and among them, it appears that Google is the most popular login service overall, with about 38% of all user authentications.

The other search engine that people seem to forget — Yahoo — accounts for roughly 12% of authentication, while Windows Love comes in around 5%. LinkedIn and Twitter both allow for authentication via OAuth, and while LinkedIn is fairly new as a JanRain login option, Twitter is used for 16% of tech platform logins and 8% of media logins.

When it comes to retail, Facebook is king, which makes obvious sense as the user base is 400+ million deep.

One surprising item is that Yahoo outperforms Google in terms of user authentication in retail. 

Lastly, Facebook is the most popular site for users to post information from sites to their profiles. Twitter comes in second as a publishing destination. 

The study shows that Facebook is the most popular site for users to show off app data on their own profiles. Interestingly enough, Twitter is the second most popular publishing destination with Yahoo and MySpace each counting for less than 10% of user-published data from other sites and applications.