LinkedIn Follows the Crowd with Company Follow

It is no secret that Facebook is leading the social revolution with their Open Graph push. As you buzz around the web, you'll see more and more social marketing in the form of Facebook's "Like" button. And it's only a matter of time before other social networks follow suit.

Maybe not in the same ilk, but LinkedIn is jumping on the social feature bandwagon with the roll out of a follow feature.

Unlike Twitter's follow, LinkedIn's "Company Follow" enables users to keep tabs on job openings, promotions and other activities specific to companies. 

Users can click the “follow” button on company pages, or any LinkedIn member’s profile. Users can also view all of the companies they're connected to, as well as receive recommendations (don't worry, you can tweak how often you get these).

Honestly, I think it's about time that LinkedIn started to leverage popular social features in a business manner. They need to make the service more relevant and make it work in the way other social media channels do, i.e. follow suit with Facebook as 400+ million people can't be wrong.

In an official blog post , LinkedIn wrote: "You can be in the loop on new developments, potential business opportunities or even job opportunities by following companies of interest to you," said LinkedIn Product Development Manager Ryan Roslansky.

Article first appeared on Technorati