Celtics Fans: Please Don't Forget the Bruins

As my buddies @dbinkowski and @cebsilver will tell you, I'm probably the biggest Boston sports homer in the Greater Boston area. Every year I believe each of our teams will win a championship. That mentality has only surface since 2001 when the Patriots won their first Super Bowl, which sparked a decade of dominance by all out of sports teams, with the exception of the Bruins.

This year, the Bruins stumbled into the playoffs and got stronger and stronger as they beat Buffalo and the best goalie in the league. Next up was the Flyers and the Bruins went up 3-0. The series was stretched to a game seven and the B's were up 3-0 in said game.

Well, we all know how that worked out

So, as I was watching the Celtics game last night -- watching an "old" team take a "contending" team to the woodshed -- I heard the chants of Beat LA, Beat LA!!!

I immediately tweeted that Celtics Nation needed to stop

First off, the C's need one more game and if you recall what happened a week and change ago, being up 3-0 is not a free ride to the next round. Yes, history is on our side, but let's not start booking flights to L.A. just yet. And oh, by the way, the Lakers still need to finish off their series. Don't we want that series to go six or seven so the Green Team gets a little more rest. If having the two days of practice before game three is any indication, the "old" guys can use the time in the gym to work on the little things.

So, before we "Beat LA," let's beat the Magic.