Blogger Template Designer Open to All

One of the first thing a blogger must do is decide what their site is going to look like. The brand is everything.

With flash sites being part of the webs wicked past, bloggers and designers the like have turned back the clock to simpler times -- clean designs, less noise and simple navigation.

With Google's Blogger platform, there have always been a list of simple design templates to choose from and tweak to your own -- designed that followed the trend of simple and clean.

The company has been testing a template designer over at Blogger in Draft (an experimental site where users could try out the latest features for the platform in beta mode) since March and has finally unleashed it.

Blogger Template Designer is a way for you to easily customize the look of your blog without knowing any HTML or CSS. Users can select from a variety of templates, images, colors and column layouts in order to help build your brand. User who wish to try out the Template Designer on their blog can go to the “Design” menu, the selecting “Template Designer.”

For those that don't have a blog, they can try out the Blogger Template Designer and play around with potential designs. If one fancies you, apply it to a new blog or to an existing blog. Here's a video to show you the Blogger Template Designer in action:

Article first published as Blogger Template Designer Goes Live on Technorati.