Theory: Doc Rivers to Coach Orlando Magic, Again

Doc Rivers is leaning either towards coming back as the Celtics head coach or he's retiring. And, if you've read the buzz online this morning, it looks like he's learning towards pina colada's as opposed to lay-up drills.

Of course, Doc says he wants to spend more time with his family. I can't argue with that. Who doesn't?

Will we miss Doc as the head coach? Yes. Will the team be the same without him? Probably not. Will the players play for any other coach, including Paul Pierce? Not so sure.

What I'm almost sure about, it's purely speculation, is this:

Doc Rivers will be the head coach of the Orlando Magic, again, and he's why:

Picture this:

  • Doc retires
  • Magic faulter in the 2010-11 season and get to the playoffs, but get beat by Lebron's Cavs (yes, he's going to stay and that's my call).
  • Magic fire Van Gundy and hire Doc so he can close to home AND coach

Sounds crazy, I know, but stranger things have happened in professional sports.

What do you think?