Tweetie Get's Upgraded

Tweetie has long been a darling of Mac-owners who are typing 140 characters at a time. And yes, this is the same Tweetie that was bought by Twitter. The iPhone app is now called Twitter for iPhone (lame, I know, but it works).

When Tweetie was bought by Twitter, the founder promised that the application would remain simple, yet functional. Today, with a slight update, those promises are starting to come true.

The main feature in version 1.2.7 for the Mac is support for Twitter's new authentication schemes (if users upgrade from a previous version, the app will updates credentials when they restart it). The process is quick and finish in a blink of an eye. What it does however, is that it uses the social network's Xauth authentication scheme to connect as it no longer needs to interact with a browser to give an application access to a user's account.

Another noticeable difference is that Tweetie no longer asks you to purchase the application. Previous versions would pop up a window asking the user to go ad-free for a free short bucks. Starting July 1, ads go bye bye. Another feature allows the users to update their iChat status when they tweet.



Several bugs have been fixed, most notably interaction with third-party Twitter services like pics and and video upload sites as well as hardware support.

The last bit of update news is the fact that when posting, tweets will be labeled as coming from "Tweetie for Mac" instead of the current "Twitter for iPhone."

Tweetie 1.2.7 (Mac OSX) can be downloaded from Atebits's Website.