Dear Apple, I Want My iPhone 4 720p

I have been racking my brain on how to get my hands on the 720p video that the iPhone 4 shoots. Other than connecting the device to your pc or Mac and importing it with the help of aperture, lightroom or iPhoto, I've yet to find a solution that allows me to upload 720p directly to the web.

I've tried the direct to YouTube route via the camera roll; emailing to YouTube; MMS to YouTube and Vimeo; MMS to Vimeo; and, he PicPosterous app.

I got zippo. Nada. Neite. Nothing.

Oh wait, I did get 340p and all it's whackness awesomeness. Actually, with all of the above With the exception of direct to YouTube from the camera roll, I got compressed and severely downgraded video quality.

Now, I know that someone will develop an app or current software will be tweaked and my pain will go away (hopefully). But I expect more from Apple. I understand that this is a first generation device but come on Steve (Jobs). What's the deal? This is pretty whack.

Think I am going to send Steve an email. Maybe it'll actually get responded to and go viral. Wish me luck (or holla with another solution).