Red Sox Hopes Rest on Healing of Broken Foot

Broken foot dashes dreams of another parade in BostonThe Red Sox started this season with boat loads of promise. With a killer starting line-up and depth are just about every position, the Sox had zero "big questions" to answer going into the season.

However, as the ship left the port, the team was lucky to ensure that the medical staff was well prepared. The season that started so promising has fluttered along. And Friday, just as the Sox were playing well and things seemed to be turning around, the team heart beat and spark plug, aka Dustin Pedroia, broke his foot.

Pedey, as he's called in Boston, swings the lumber like it was the last living thing he's going to do on this earth. It's violent, strong and can catch just about any fastball. This time, however, a tipped ball rocketed off his foot, and as a result, popped some of the hopes of Red Sox Nation for another parade in Title Town.

Of course, it's still early, but a broken foot is an injury that can linger on and not heal the way it's supposed to.

If you look at the players who have been injured since the start of the season, it looks pretty much the starting roster at the end of spring training: Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Cameron, Mike Lowell, Marco Scutaro, Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz, etc.

Despite all the injuries, the Sox are two out of first place. However, with all these injuries, confidence isn't something that's in abundance at Fenway Park these days. In fact, New Englanders might want to reserve their spot on the Tobin Bridge as it's clearly where we'll all be headed sometime in August when the whispers of, "It's over" blow through town.

Let's hope I'm wrong and reverse psychology kicks in.

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