Got a Mac? Get Mackeeper

One of the things I love about Macs are they they are low maintenance. You just have to do some basic clean-up to keep them running like you took it out of the box. There are a handful of apps -- some popular, some not -- that help you with taking care of such chores. One of them is Mackeeper.

The program is really easy to use and has a Mac-like interface. It cleans out the unnecessary data that your Mac might store and really does a good job in tidying up things like old binaries, cache, duplicate files, unnecessary stuff from language packages, data logs and old files.

The program also provides a slew of other add-ons including a data encrypter, back-up functionality, disk usage data, anti-theft, geek on demand (support), etc.

Basically, this is probably the most robust utility I have ever used for any device -- Mac or PC. In just a few clicks, your machine is singing dixie again.

Mackeeper is about $40 bucks for the year, though they do offer other pricing models. I was lucky enough to get the app for free, courtesy of the developer team. Thanks guys!

Regardless if I received it free or not, you can test drive this bad boy for yourself. It's a worthy investment for no headaches.

Do you use Mackeeper? What do you think? What other utlities do you use?