Help Boston Beat LA

Beat LA by texting "BeGreatBos" to 20222Being in the PR business, you get to work with a lot of organizations that span across various industries. Often times, we do pro-bono work with organizations because their mission is too important no to. 

Case in point, the Boys & Girls Club of Boston (BGCB).

We are doing a very cool thing that's tied into the Celtics and Lakers rivalry (yes, I know the Celtics are down 0-1 in the NBA finals, but there is plenty of hoops to be played) and I need your help. 

You see, the BGCB and their LA counterpart have create a charitable challenge that we're calling "Be Great." 

The idea is simple, whichever club raises more money during the NBA finals, they are crowned champion. Yes, I know it's just bragging rights, but it's more than that. 

Kids these days need organizations like BGCB to keep them off the streets and out of the voilent life that is claiming too many young souls. With summer almost in full swing, kids will be out in the streets, hanging out and getting into all types of trouble. It's imperative that we, as a society, provide outlets like the BGCB to help kids stay safe, have fun and honestly, BE KIDS! 

So, let's take our passion for beating LA (yes, I hate the Lakers), and use that to raise money for a worthy cause here in Boston. Let's Beat LA by Being Great. 

If you want to help, just text BeGreatBos to 20222. You will get a confirmation back that you'd like to donate. Reply with YES and you're all set. The donation amount is five bucks. To me, that's a penny in the bucket in terms of the impact our collective impact our generosity could have. 

Get our your mobile device and send that text today. Let's show LA that us Bostonians are serious competitors and that we support our Celtics, and more importantly, take pride in the success of programs like the Boys & Girls Club.