Goodbye Kindergarten, Hello First Grade

The newest first graderMy oldest had her kindergarten spring concert this week, which brings her first year of school to a close (well, nine days short of the actually closing). 

She's grown so much over the past year. She's reading on her own. Writing things without copying the letters. She's asking a lot of questions. Overall, she's getting so big, so fast. 

We're lucky that she loves school and has gone when she wasn't feeling well. She didn't want to miss anything. I hope that attitude keeps up, especially as the school-work gets harder.

As I observe her with her friends from school, playing after class, etc. I see that she's a little social butterfly. Everyone calls her name -- both boys and girls. She seems to be the one that everyone likes and is buddies with. I'm sure that'll change as the years go by and clicks start to form. I wonder how she'll cope with that, considering she's very sensitive and caring (as opposed to my youngest who will be taking kid's lunch money when she goes to school, i.e. she's a brute). 

I remember when we took Kayla to school on her first day. It was quite the experience. As I watch this video, I think about that first day and how time flew by -- similarly as when we brought her home from the hospital. I guess part of me does these videos so I won't forget these feelings and these moments in time that we'll never get back. 

With each closing of a chapter, a new one starts. It's scary, fun, emotional and weird all at the same time. That's life I guess.