Facebook Investing in Photos, Updates Tagging

Facebook is arguably one of the biggest repositories of photos in the world. Due to their tagging functionality, it could be said that it's the biggest social repository of photos online.

Yesterday, the company announced that they are putting a little more muscle behind tagging.

In a blog post, the company wrote that they are testing technology that would automatically recognize faces in your photos to help ease the process of tagging pics.

With this new feature, tagging is faster since you don't need to select a face. It's already selected for you, just like those rectangles you see around your friends' faces when you take a photo with a modern digital camera. All that's left for you to do is type a name and hit enter. Cool, huh?

The company also said that this is the first in a long line of things they will be testing out for photos and are looking for user feedback over at over on the website.

The push behind the new feature and future improvements, might be driven by Sam Odio, one of the co-founders of Divvyshot, which Facebook acquired back in April in order to improve the Photos product. Odio was the author of the blog post.

Article first published as Facebook Looking to Improve Photo Tagging on Technorati.

What do you think about this new feature and what other features would you like Facebook to implement?