Personalize Your Blogger Blog (In Draft)

Blogger In Draft is Google's playground for their blog platform, Blogger. It showcases a number of features that blog owners can test out before they go live on the traditional Blogger platform.

Recently, Google launched a Blogger Template Designer and one of the most asked for feature since then, was the ability to upload your own background image.

While Blogger in Draft provides hundreds of professional stock photos via iStockPhoto, Google decided that the photo buffs really wanted to personalize their blog without having to scroll through stock photography to do so.

Now, the platform allows users to truly personalize. All you have to do is go to Design | Template Designer | Background, click on Background Image, and you’ll notice a new “Upload image” option, which will allow you to select and upload your image.

Article first published as Blogger In Draft Adds Personalized Photo Backgrounds on Technorati.

For images that fill the entire background, Google recommends using a resolution of 1800 pixels wide and 1600 pixels high, and file size less than 200KB to minimize the loading time of your blog pages. The system will support JPEG, GIF, and PNG format images.

After uploading a photo, you will see additional options that are not available for the built-in images: Alignment, Repeat, and Scroll options. They include:

  • Alignment: You can adjust horizontal (left, center, right) and vertical (top and bottom) alignment of your background image.
  • Repeat (Tile): If you have a small image, you can have it repeat horizontally and/or vertically to fill the page. Otherwise, we recommend that you choose a page background color that blends in with your background image.
  • Scroll: By default, your image stays in place while readers scroll the page contents. By selecting the “Scroll with page” option, both the background image and page contents scroll together. We recommend that you use an image that blends into your background color or set your image to tile vertically if you choose this option.

What do you think about the feature? Are you using it?

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