A Glimpse of the Future

As a parent, you are constantly reminded of the future due to the experiences your kids have growing up -- no matter what age they are.

Whether it's losing the first tooth, first steps, first words, getting ears pierced, first dates, etc. you get to experience a slew of firsts. Each remind you of what's to come -- college, marriage, kids, etc.

No matter what, you cant stop the future from coming.

Last night I took the family to Hampton Beach, NH to check out their weekly firework display, play arcade games, have dinner, etc. It was a last minute thing and an attempt to cram in a little more fun before the kids head off to school.

At the end of the night, we were sitting in traffic and the wife and I experienced one if those future reminders.

Check out his video of some teenage kids, blaring music in their car, but then taking the entertainment to another level.

Now, I'm not saying my kids will do exactly this, but it reminds memory when my kids get to the late teenage years and the summer agenda is filled with trips to Hampton Beach, parties, late nights, etc.

I know what I did during those days and thinking about that scares the crap out of me.

Now, I have faith that my kids will behave for the most part. It's not them I worried about. See, I have two girls and the thought of either one of them dating one of these morons makes me sick.

I wish there was pepto bismol for these future thoughts because I feel like I am going to hurl.