Aging Rockers to Rock Fenway Park

Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith -- aging front men of rock bandsTonight I'm headed to historic Fenway Park in Boston, MA to see two iconic bands that got their start in Boston. One is a major recording artist that has toured the world and the other is a relatively local band that has seem some success, but are considered royalty in Boston.

The bands in question: Aerosmith and the J. Geils Band.

Aerosmith's career is well documented. From Dream On to smash hits for movies, the band has had its ups and downs — and by downs I mean rumored break-ups, rehab stints, kids out of wedlock and all other types of rock band drama.

Through it all though, the band has remained relevant and has turned out hit after hit after hit.

The J. Geils Band started very much like Aerosmith — working the local clubs of Boston back in the 70s. Peter Wolf, the front man for J. Geils, is a classic hippy rocker that talks in all types of jibberish, but sounds cool doing it.

The band never took off globally. They never had a single that was in a major motion picture. However, in the streets of Boston, ask just about anyone of J. Geils Band is and they will tell you, "Freeze Frame," "I Must of Got Lost" and a slew of other classic singles.

One thing that both bands share in common is that they are old — very old. The rockers are nearing the end of their careers or at least you'd might think. They've been getting it done since the 70s ad at some point, you have to figure they are going to unplug the mic and retire.

But tonight, before the social security checks start rolling in, the two home-grown, Boston rock bands will fill the dirty-water air in Beantown with a slew of hits, big guitar riffs and classic music that will get the crowd in a frenzy.

It'll be a great show, I'm sure. I'm just hoping they don't come out on stage using walkers.

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