Blackberry Torching with PR Spin

There are three mobile phones on the market today that are the "latest and greatest."

Of course, there is the iPhone 4, Droid X and now the Blackberry Torch. I'm impartial to the iPhone being an Apple snob, but I have messed with the Droid X (Verizon, if you're reading, I want one to test drive please), which is pretty sweet. I also have the BB Torch and while it's the best Blackberry ever made, it's still a Blackberry.

What I mean by that is that it's perfect for corporate messaging, but when it comes to a social experience, web browsing, etc. it's just "ok." I do love the social feeds feature on the phone, but honestly, it's just not a consumer-friendly product in my experience. I don't think I'm in the minority with this statement either. Just check out their latest commercial, trying to pump up the device as a "fun" object.

Hmmm...for me, creative advertising to see a product tries to cover-up shortcomings. What do you think of the Blackberry Torch?

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