Grandparents and Grandkids

Have you ever had one of those momemnts with your parents that get you reflecting on life? I had one of those momements yesterday with my pops as he was playing the guitar for the kids.

You see, my kids love when my pops plays the guitar. Everytime we are with him, they make the request. As he was playing last night I had one of those moments of why parenting is pretty cool. As my father is playing, the kids are dancing and are just transfixed on "Pa No No" doing his thing.

I grew up with my pops playing the guitar. He played in a pretty popular local band and continued his passion for music to this day (he plays in a band called Old Gold). So for my kids to experience him playing is sort of a full circle thing. I know these moments are few and far between so I relish in each one of them.