Even Steven Time with the Kids

The Wall Street Journal has an article today written by Jeff D. Opdyke about parenting, specifically the challenge he and his wife face when spending time equally with his kids. It's a good read and I can totally get where he's coming from.


We have two kids, a six-year-old and a three-year-old (nearly four) and spend time with each of them equally, as best we can. Since I'm working during the week, my wife does a great job in keeping the kids occupied and doing fun things during the summer months. She does painting, coloring, crafts, etc. We also take the kids to the movies, picnics, out to friends' houses, etc. Basically, our kids do have full schedules between school, fun and activities.

There are times, however, where my wife or I will do separate things with each kid. For example, I took our oldest out to the movies to see "Up." It was a really fun thing to spend time with just the two of us. Now, it's not that I'm trying to spoil one over the other, but those situations help create memories and a stronger bond with your child.

When my oldest is in school, my youngest is at home with my wife, which in itself, is a bonding experience.

However, my youngest will go to pre-school this year, leaving my wife without kids for a few hours during the day. What this means is that both kids will be in school and will have equal demands on the school/fun balance. It also means that we will have to do more things together as a family so we keep things fun, exciting and fresh for the kids. However, there are going to be those time when each kid will require, ask or simple need that alone time with either myself or my wife.

It's a tough thing to balance and I'm sure it'll get harder as they get older and their needs (social, financial, etc.) change over the years.

For those of you with kids, how do you manage one-on-one time?