Ghost Writing is a Fun Challenge for Us PR Types

Writing is not an easy thing to do. Even when you think you are a decent writer, you pick up the New York Times or the Harvard Business Review, flip through a few pages and find yourself reaching for the dictionary or Googling a phrase.

Yes, I think I can put words together that make sense, but I am far from New York Times or HBR material.

However, reading these and other publications help not only to improve your writing, but also helps to soak up knowledge of business markets you'd never thought you'd want to know about.

Put those two things together (reading and writing) and you'll develop a skill that's invaluable to clients -- ghost writing.

The skill helps you write talking points for executives, speeches, op-eds, etc. Typically, as an agency executive, you'll never know as much about your clients business as they will so being able to read and soak up enough to help you put pen to paper is something clients pay top dollar for.

What do you like or find challenging when it comes to writing in general or writing for others?