What I Wrote Over The Weekend

I tend to do a lot of writing over the weekend, mostly because that's when I have the "spare" time to do so. As a reoccuring feature, I'm going to recap some of my more memorable, timely and important (to me at least) posts every Monday morning so you can have a little something to read as you're enjoying your coffee, tea, breakfast, etc.

I'll include stuff from this blog, as well as Technorati, Shamable and Every Other Thursday.


I'm a huge fan of the show Mad Men and last night's episode reminded me why clients choose us and we don't choose them.

Bryan Hoyer
I'm a huge Patriots fan and love the stories behind the stories. The Boston Globe did a piece on Bryan Hoyer, the back-up QB to Tom Brady, i.e. the guy who will only start if Brady is knocked out of the game. I wrote about how good of a gig Hoyer has being the clip-board guy.

Even Steven
Do you have kids? How do you balance the time of being alone with them individually? It's a tough balancing act, but alone time is important.

BB Torch
The Blackberry Torch is out and the PR spin is buzzing all around us. It's no iPhone killer.

Blogging Trolls
I hate blog trolls. They really bug the crap out of me. How about you?

Grandparents and Grandkids
The moments your parents have with your kids are pricessless. They really are. Cherish them.

Trashy Craig's List Ad Comes To Life
Craig's List is one of those societal phenominons that keeps on producing great story lines. This story line, isn't so great. It's trashy. Literally.

One Night Comedic Stand
Whether you've had a one night stand before or not, this video will make you laugh.

That's it for the first edition of What I Wrote Over The Weekend or as I'll call it, WIWOTW. What did you read over the weekend that you care to share?