NomX3 Pizza Fest Throw Down

Here's the NomX3 pizza fest throw down that I was yapping about a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again to Mike Langford and Jeff Cutler for having me on, Josh Bob for being my partner, Upper Crust for donating the pizza and to HubSpot for hosting. It was a great show, good convo about creative marketing (and a rant), good people, good pizza, etc. 

And one thing to note before you watch this, I'll admit that eating an entire pizza and a half was not as easy as I made it look. I felt like I was carrying around a ton of bricks in my gut, but I had to back all the trash talking I did on Twitter.

Thanks again to Mike and Jeff. It was a blast. 

p.s. I impressed Mike and Jeff so much (or grossed the out) that we'll be hosting a NomX3 show at MS&L Boston soon, so stay tuned.