Boys that are Friends or Boyfriends?

kids-holding-hands.jpegMy daughter started first grade today and in her class around about four boys that she had in her previous kindergarten class. One of them, who my daughter calls her boyfriend, said to his mom today, “I can’t sit next to her because she’s too pretty.” And, in the same sentence, said, “I can’t go over there because her daddy is there.”

Yea, that’s what I thought you little punk! (kidding Max, you’re a good kid).

Seriously though, I realize that this is innocent but there is going to come a time where she is going to have a boyfriend and I’m going to be a mad man.

So, do I let this boyfriend thing in first grade slide or do I convince her that it’s good to have boys that are friends?

I’m of the former mentality and I know I’m over reacting, but dammit, I know what boys do. I know what they want. And I know what they are capable of.

Now I know I won’t have to really, really worry about this stuff until quite some time (hopefully longer than what most people say), but it still is unsettling to me — the growing up part that is. I want to keep her 6 years old and I know that’s not going to happen. Time rolls along like a big steam engine. It takes its time, but it eventually gets to its destination.

Regardless, I just hope the young men that come knocking at my door (or texting, throwing rocks at a window, whatever…) are prepared for my 6’2″, 280lb frame to be THAT dad.