Hey Google, Why Not Fuse Wave with Gmail?

Trolling through the good ole RSS reader and I came across a post from the Google Wave Blog that was a tease of sorts as to what the service might turn into.

You remember Google Wave right? It was the much-hyped Google product that was going to revolutionize how we communicated. Well, that failed and failed miserably.

However, I still feel the concept of Wave is pretty bad ass. Real time collaboration in the browser will take off someday and it'll more than just instant messaging.

What that in mind, I've been thinking about how Wave could totally turn Gmail into THE kick-ass web-email app for the ages. There are some that are anti-Google and that's fine. They are the ones still hung up on Yahoo and Hotmail — both of which have their advantages as well.

However, with all the innovation and though that goes into the Gmail product, it just keeps getting better and better.

If elements from Wave were brought into Gmail, it could make it even better and more than just an email interface — it would be the real-time communications portal for your contacts. You could choose which folks you collaborated with, or just emailed, IMed, etc. You could share pics, videos, etc. Brainstorming in email would be a reality instead of having to follow a zillion threads (thank God for grouping emails).

Regardless of what happened to Wave, Google has a technology in their back pocket that can really enhance their entire suite of tools from Gmail to Docs to even Google news.

What do you think Google will do with Wave?

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