Make Email a Priority in Gmail

I love when Google rolls out new services or features to services. They always come up with creative videos to share the news and put it into perspective. At times, yes, the videos can be childish and you feel like you're being talked to by a Kindergarten teacher, but honestly, that's how the content will stick with the viewer.

Take the Priority Inbox feature in Gmail that's being rolled out, according to Mashable.

Basically, the feature puts a priority section on top of your inbox and separates those important emails from the ones that you can read later. This is all based on a new algorithm that is going to make Gmail the best web-based email product out there in my opinion.

Email volume is increasing at a rapid pace in my world and I could use a little help with prioritizing what should be read vs what can marinate for a while.

Here's the video that describes the feature.

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