Quick Boston #140Conf Review

As I wrote earlier today, I attended the Boston #140 Conference and boy was I happy I did. I met a lot of friendly people and met some folks whom up until this point I only knew via social media.

Despite the various panels, the messages all had a similar overtone: consumers are in control of content and we need to continue to work together to solve problems and develop solutions with the help of social media.

Whether the need to use social media to educate students in a real world way; help our armed forces win on the field of battle; help non-profits sustain their reach with limited budgets; find work, not jobs (as Chris Brogan said); become a citizen reporter; or, use social media to be heros, we -- as in people -- are the glue.

We are the drivers of social content. We are the spark that gives birth to innovation. We are the ones who can offer help to those that need it.

Regardless of the industry, message, campaign, timing, location, technology, etc. the people are what matter and that will never change.