When it Comes to Facebook "Likes", Consumers Simply Want Stuff


I was reading a post over at Mashable about what consumers want from brands when they are "Liking" them on Facebook.

The results shouldn't shock you whatsoever:

  • 40% to receive discounts and promotions
  • 39% to show my support for the company to others
  • 36% to get a “freebie”
  • 34% to stay informed about the activities of the company
  • 33% to get updates on future products
  • 30% to get updates on upcoming sales
  • 29% for fun or entertainment
  • 25% to get access to exclusive content
  • 22% someone recommended it to me
  • 21% to learn more about the company
  • 13% for education about company topics
  • 13% to interact

The survey is based 1,500 Facebook users and was conducted by ExactTarget. The results show that 38% of online U.S. consumers “Like” brands on Facebook and that the average fan "Likes" nine different brands.

Why doesn't this shock me and shouldn't shock you? Well, who doesn't like free things, sales, discounts and up to date information on brands you like?

The fact that we consumers want free stuff and like discounts isn't a new thing for brands. The new thing is them trying to figure out how to get to those consumers that will truly be engaged versus those that click "Like" and walk away.

Brands that succeed on Facebook are the ones that do their homework, know the habits of their target audience and have the know-how in terms of weeding out the casual fans from the brand ambassadors.

Why do you "Like" a company or brand on Facebook?