Facebook: Say It Ain't So to Mobile Device or OS

facephone.jpegIf the rumors are true, Facebook is working on a super secret project that could result in the launch of a new mobile device or a mobile platform.

TechCrunch has the story:

Facebook is building a mobile phone, says a source who has knowledge of the project. Or rather, they’re building the software for the phone and working with a third party to actually build the hardware. Which is exactly what Apple and everyone else does, too.

Let it be know that I'm standing on my soapbox and screaming as loud as I possibly can, telling Zuckerberg and Company, "PLEASE, DON'T DO IT!!!"

Facebook doesn't need to build a mobile device nor a mobile platform. Why? Well, mostly because iOS, Android, RIM and Windows have the platform side of things taken care of. Additionally, the world doesn't need YET another smart phone from an Internet company. Didn't you see how Google's NexusOne fared (or should I say failed)?

What the social networking king should take care of is the second coming of their service. They need to continue to push what they do best and stay in front of Google. Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

Facebook is becoming (or is already) of the hub of social media for consumers and brands. As such, Facebook needs to focus on doing that more and better.

Leave mobility, especially the OS and gadget part, to other companies. However, build strategic partnerships and synergies that will allow your company to leverage the latest and greatest coming out of those spaces, all geared towards pushing innovation for social networking.

Article first published as Just Say No to Facebook Mobile Device and OS on Technorati