Goodbye Wedding Season

Erin and Mel

I am a huge photo buff (if you couldn't tell from my website). With a talented eye and the right equipment anyone can be a good photographer. I consider myself a pretty decent one.

My work speaks for itself and as a result I get a good flow of wedding opportunities each year.

This season I only had a few, mostly because I'm not aggressively marketing my services and I wanted to tone it down a little this year -- mostly because I need a little break from the action. My busy schedule has caught up with me and I've realized that I need a little me time and time with the family.

Today I have my last wedding of the season and ironically enough it's one where the groom is a very good friend of mine -- someone who goes back to my Boston Globe days. It's sort of a professional career full circle thing.

So while I do love shooting weddings, I am no sad to see the season go. I'm a week or so away from a much needed vacation and am looking forward to the time off.

That said, I'm looking for bookings for next year so if you know of anyone in the New England area that's getting married and needs a relatively inexpensive, yet hard working photographer, send them my way.

Just click the photography page to see my work, rates, etc. This also goes for family portrait sessions and corporate events too.

What are some of your favorite photos from your wedding or a wedding you attended? Feel free to share the links in the comments.

One of my favorites from this year is the one you see at the top of this post. I really like off centered shots and creative editing. The style brings a certain emotional element to the picture.

If you want to follow along my shoot today, head over to my Tumblr blog where I will be live posting the event, actions, emotions, pictures, etc.