Official Google Voice App Coming to iPhone

A report on Techcrunch says that Apple and Google are finally playing nicely in the sandbox or rather, hell has frozen over — the official Google Voice app is headed to the iTunes App store.

Yea, you right that right. It's the first kiss and make up story from Apple and Google since the two starting squabbling over various things.

For iPhone users that are Google Voice users, this is a great thing. Unlike any device on the Android platform where you can integrate Google Voice easily, using the service on the iPhone was a little painful. It was done through the web interface and is a little clunky to say the least.

There are currently two other Google Voice iPhone apps on the market that do a decent job, but something tells me that only Google will produce an app that will truly bring all the functionality Google Voice users desperately seek to the iPhone.

For bloggers, the Google Voice service is a Godsend. In my experience it has allowed me to share a phone number that's sort of off the grid and enables me to selectively decide who has direct access to me at any time, who goes straight to voice mail and how gets a "hello" from me when they call. I speak from personal experience that Google Voice is a nice virtual secretary of sorts, at least for my blogging career.

For popular bloggers that get a zilliion PR pitches and random calls, Google Voice will be your best friend. Now, whether you're an Android or iPhone user, you'll have access to it on the go without having to deal with a silly web interface.

Are you a Google Voice user? If so, how do you use it and which device(s) are you using it with?

Article first published as Report: Official Google Voice App Headed to iPhone on Technorati.