Red Sox Nation Giving Up on Papelbon

The Patriots are in full swing. The Bruins and Celtics are gearing up for their 2010-11 campaigns. Over at Fenway Park, the Red Sox are just about to pack it up for the winter.

If you read the blogs and newspapers as well as listen to the man on the street, you'll read/hear that they've had it with the closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Yea, that crazy red neck that was instrumental during the 2007 World Series run is in the dog house. Red Sox Nation is single handily blaming him for blowing a zillion saves this season, including the most recent one in the Bronx.

The chatter about the Sox has gone from winning the big game to making life miserable for the Yankees as they go for back to back parades.

One of the things the writers and pundits keep coming back to is Papelbon.

What are the Sox to do with him? The answer is probably nothing because more than likely, he'll be pitching elsewhere next season.

Something tells me Red Sox Nation will be ok with that.

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