Get "TruGreen" for Making Your Landscape Greener

I'm not one that has a green thumb. I've never tried to be the guy with the killer lawn nor have the landscape that the neighbors envy.

I do, however, keep my home front pretty clean, manicured and suitable for viewing, so to speak.

I've read all the tips, some articles and other do it yourself content to know that there are some basic things to help those proud home owners out there make your lawn top notch.

Most of us worry about our lawns in the spring in summer, but fall is really where the juice is.

A client of mine, TruGreen, the nation's largest professional lawn care service, has a five pretty simple — yet effective — tips to help ensure that not only your lawn, but also trees and shrubs, are healthy at the end of the season and ready to beautify your landscape next season.

1. Assess lawn, tree and shrubs to identify problem areas
2. Aerate and Prune to enhance lawn and plant vigor
3. Replace floundering plants for a healthier landscape and curb appeal
4. Mow and Mulch to return nutrients to the soil
5. Feed lawn, trees and shrubs to prepare for a healthy spring revival

Of course, time is always an issue when dealing with home improvement stuff. There just isn't enough time in the day to get what you want done.

The other factor in home improvement, of course, is cash.

Well, TruGreen has a solution for you — or at least for one of you via a $30,000 gift card from Lowe's. Head on over to to enter.

What do you do to prepare your landscape for the fall and winter seasons?

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